Nature-based solutions to attract and regenerate marine biodiversity
Ocean Ecostructures


Companies are facing increasing pressure to recognize and reverse their impact (new regulations, ESG requirements, taxes,...) and we need REAL solutions

From Grey to Blue


We produce multilayer biomimetic natural substrate microreefs, specifically designed for complete and functional marine infrastructures.

They stand out for their versatility, can be installed anywhere in the infrastructure, and can be moved if necessary by means of a buoy without harming the ecosystem.

With these microreefs, we develop complete microsystems.


Impact on
the environment

State-of-the-art marine regeneration technology, for the renaturalization of degraded areas


Increase in marine biodiversity of fish, crustaceans, algae,...


CO2 captation


Increase in biomass.


Oxygen generation. 1 LBU generates O₂ daily for 921 people.

Nature Positive

We reconvert port structures into eco-proactive and Nature Positive.


Benefits for
Our customers

We revitalize marine infrastructures and damaged environments, recovering ecosystem services and improving the competitiveness and social recognition of our customers.


The APP makes it possible to locate on a map all the ports that have LBU facilities, to see at any time the position of the installed ecosystems in the port and all the details of biodiversity, CO2 sequestering, oxygen and biomass generation.


Proactivity in favor of the recovery of biodiversity is a value that makes the port competitive


The impact reports we issue make it possible to demonstrate environmental improvement, demonstrate the port's ESG efforts, comply with administrative and fiscal obligations,..., all of which result in cost improvements. In addition, it demonstrates to customers and users of the facilities the concern to regenerate the marine environment, which in the medium term is a competitive advantage. Blue Flag.

Social Engagement

We provide ready-made publications in different formats (posts, stories, reels, banners,...) to improve communication and social commitment on the impact of ecosystems on your port (values, images, videos, texts,...)

Biodiversity content

We give you access to important content of images, videos and descriptions of all the diversity found in the port's ecosystems to increase the richness of social communications.


We provide the port with customizable formats for signage in the port and sensitization of visitors, partners, etc.

Reconversion of benefits

We convert environmental benefits into tangible socio-economic benefits (savings in financial costs, accreditation of scientific activity, access to grants, environmental requirements, ESG, Blue Flag,...)

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