We turn gray spaces into blue oases

Ocean Ecostructures

From grey to blue

+50% of marine biodiversity lost

+16,000 endangered marine species

Marine ecosystems face unprecedented pressures due to human activities in the ocean

Our technology
Basura del mar


We provide solutions to restore marine life, helping to offset the impact of human activities.


We implement Nature-based solutions that reinforce the fight against climate change and restore the marine environment.

Our objective

We revitalize marine infrastructures and damaged environments, recovering ecosystem services and improving the competitiveness and social recognition of our clients. We translate environmental benefits into tangible benefits.

We turn grey spaces into blue oases


Our solutions

State-of-the-art marine regeneration technology for the renaturation of degraded areas
Life Boosting Unit
Biomimetic micro reefs of natural substrate to reconvert degraded environments into resilient and ecologically diverse spaces.
Anchoring Systems
Sustainable, durable and biodesigned anchorages to encourage the regeneration of native species.
Sustainable, resistant structures, designed for erosion prevention and coastal protection.
The facts
"We multiply the species by 6 in just a few months."
Number of Species
In ecological succession processes, such as those occurring in LBU structures, it is common to observe an increase in species.
Biomass (g/m2)
It's value is related to the productivity of the local ecosystem.
CO2 sequestration (Kg)
Algae growing in the LBU are photosynthetic organisms, their metabolism captures CO2 and releases O2.
O2 generation
The photosynthetic activity of algae and phytoplankton contributes significantly to the oxygenation of the water column.
* Impact of a micro-reef in its 1st year
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Islas Mendes
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